Christmas Wreath Workshop 7-9pm on Friday 1st December. Christmas Fair on Thursday 14th December at the Lulworth site. School finishes at 1.15pm on Friday 15th December for the Christmas Holidays. INSET Day on Friday 14th June 2024, Monday 22nd July 2024 and Tuesday 23rd July 2024..
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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality concerns a person's relationship with themselves, with others, with nature and the environment and a sense of what lies beyond the physical/material world.



At Lulworth and Winfrith CE Primary School we believe that there are opportunities for enhancing the spiritual well-being of learners in every aspect of school life.

Windows, Mirrors and Doors






Windows:  Giving children opportunities to become aware of the world in new ways; to wonder about life's WOWS (things that amaze us) and OWS (things that bring us up short).  Giving the children the opportunity to encounter the world and experience it in new ways.

Mirrors: Giving children opportunities to reflect on their experiences; to think about life's big questions and explore answers to these; to explore their own insights and perspectives and those of others.

Doors: Giving children opportunities to respond to all of this and to put into action what they believe and value.