We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 5th June! INSET Day on Friday 23rd June! Sports Day is in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th July!
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All payments for clubs, trips and events will be accepted through the Pay360 Education Payments system.


When your child joins our school, you will receive a Pay360 Education Payments registration invitation from school containing a unique invitation code.  You will need this invitation code to set up your Pay360 Education Payments Account.


To register with Pay360 Education Payments, you will need one of the following accounts: Microsoft, Apple ID, Google. Facebook, Twitter or SIMS ID.  You will need to remember which of these you register with and use the same one each time you log into the system.  Pay360 Education Payments uses these accounts to provide secure authentication when you sign in: we do not require any additional information from your accounts, only what is needed for authentication.


When registering for Pay360 Education Payments, please click the Register button and follow the on-screen instructions.


Once registration has been completed, you will be able to use Pay360 Education Payments to carry out the activities listed in your invitation straight away.


If you have any difficulties logging into this system, please contact the school office who will try to help you.