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School run minibus service


We are a dual site school and are lucky enough to have our own minibuses which we use to transport the children to and from each school site for the start and at the end of the day. This means that if you have 2 children attending our school and they are at different school locations, you will only need to do one drop off or pick up. 


This also means that those children looking to attend Larks Breakfast Club or Owls Afterschool Club, which is based at our Winfrith School site, can be transported to their correct locations after or before the Clubs.

Because we have the minibuses and we have trained members of staff to use them, we are able to use these for school trips, Forest Schools and to attend PE tournaments without parents participation.


If you think you are going to require a regular seat on the bus for your child, please contact the school office as soon as possible on 01929 400330.




Minibus Timetable


Minibus timetable
1 x minibus leaving Winfrith at 08:20
2 x minibuses leaving Winfrith at 08:30
1 x minibus leaving Lulworth at 08:35
1 x minibus leaving Winfrith at 15:15
2 x minibuses leaving Lulworth at 15:15
1 x minibus leaving Lulworth at 15:30