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Late/Absence Procedures

Attending school on a regular basis is the key to your child doing well at school and will set them up with good habits for later life.  
It will also give your child the opportunity to:
*  Make lots of friends and feel included
*  Learn new things 
*  Increase their confidence and self-esteem
*  Improve social skills
*  Achieve their potential
Any child who is absent from a session (1 session equals AM or PM) of school must have their absence recorded.  Only the Headteacher can authorise absence and if there is no known reason for the absence then it is recorded as unauthorised.
 Authorised Absence: Unauthorised Absence:

* Genuine illness

* Unavoidable medical appointments

* Religious observance

* Death of a close relative

*  Tired/overslept/late night/weather

*  Illness of parent or carer

*  Holiday not approved

*  No clean uniform

*  Headlice

*  Child didn't want to come to school

*  Older child's school had INSET day

*  Birthdays/shopping/haircut 

What should I do if my child is ill?
If your child has no temperature but has a cough or cold, headache or earache give them Calpol and send them into school.  We will always contact you if your child's condition gets worse.  If your child has a temperature the advice is to keep your child off school.
If your child has had a disturbed night due to coughing etc, please consider sending them to school in the afternoon.  There are two attendance sessions in each day and a missed day is considered as two absences. 
What we expect Parents/Carers to do:
  • Contact the school before the school day starts to report an absence - 01929 400330 opt 1

After Registration, absent pupils will be followed up with a phone call to the parents/carers

  • Make medical and dental appointments outside school hours wherever possible

Absence or illness of a pupil should not affect the education of their siblings

  • Arrange for your child to arrive at school on time
Pupils who arrive after the start of the school day will be marked late which counts as an unauthorised absence. A 'Late' mark will be recorded for all children arriving after 9am.
What you can expect of School
  • We will welcome pupils back
  • We will warmly welcome your child back and help him/her catch up on work
  • We encourage and recognise good and improving attendance
  • Certificates of Excellent and Good Attendance are given out each term
  • We will acknowledge extenuating circumstances
We understand on rare occasions there may be unavoidable cause for absence and we will view these requests for absence with compassion.
Children need to be in the classroom on time to get a mark in the Register.  Children who arrive after will be recorded as unauthorised absence for the morning session.  Late marks are monitored and families will be contacted personally if this continues.  All late children must be signed in; this is a fire safety protocol.
We ask that parents are mindful that absence for holidays is not an entitlement and will be marked as unauthorised absence unless for exceptional circumstances.

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