Christmas Wreath Workshop 7-9pm on Friday 1st December. Christmas Fair on Thursday 14th December at the Lulworth site. School finishes at 1.15pm on Friday 15th December for the Christmas Holidays. INSET Day on Friday 14th June 2024, Monday 22nd July 2024 and Tuesday 23rd July 2024..
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At Lulworth and Winfrith Primary School, we aim to deliver a broad Religious Education Curriculum to our children. 


We follow the Dorset locally agreed syllabus and use the 'Understanding Christianity' and 'Emmanuel Project' resources.  


Through the Understanding Christianity resources we teach our children about Christianity.  The children are encouraged to explore core Bible texts, examine the impact for Christians and consider possible implications and make connections with how they live their lives.


Through the Emmanuel Project we teach our children about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judasim, Sikhism and other belief systems.

Religious Education Overview

Curriculum Day

Friday 17th November

We were excited on Friday to join together as a whole school for our Curriculum Day.  We reflected on our school vision and values and enjoyed activities linked to the festivals of Eid, Rosh Hashanah and Diwali.  It was fantastic to work side by side across the year groups and to see the older children supporting the younger children.