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At Lulworth and Winfrith CE Primary School we place a huge emphasis on the teaching reading.  We know it is vital that all our children become fluent and confident readers in order to be successful learners and flourish as they move through their lives. 

Synthetic Phonics

Synthetic Phonics is a key method used for teaching the decoding skills required to become a

confident reader. Through Synthetic Phonics children learn that words are broken down into units of sound called phonemes which are represented in in groups of written letters called graphemes



At Lulworth and Winfrith CE Primary School we follow the Supersonic Phonic Friends scheme and sessions are taught daily in Rec, Year 1 and Year 2.

Supersonic Phonics Friends promotes fun, active and engaging sessions which the children enjoy and join in with enthusiastically.  

Assessment and Interventions

Children's progress in reading and writing is monitored closely with regular assessments.  We use a range of interventions for those children who need extra support, with these delivered one to one or in small groups by teachers or our experienced TAs.

Reading Scheme

Our reading books are carefully matched to the progression of phonics from our Supersonic Phonics Friends scheme. This ensures the books the children are reading matches to their ability.  Within our reading scheme we have a wide range of books and this academic year we have been able to update our reading scheme with lots of exciting new titles.

We encourage children to read their book at least twice in order to develop confidence, comprehension and fluency.