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Woodpeckers Class!

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Welcome to Woodpeckers!

We have had a great start to the year  in Woodpeckers.  The children have settled into their new class well and have been enthusiastic about their new topic 'The Magic Toymaker'.

The Magic Toymaker visited us and left us lots of junk modelling equipment.  He asked us to make some toys for his workshop.


Outdoor Learning

We visited Wood Street for our first Outdoor Learning session.  We learnt the names of some of the trees.  We looked at the shapes of the leaves to help identify the trees.  We found some great trees to climb!

We're Going on a Corn Hunt!

On our Forest School walks, we have been watching the corn grow in the fields next to our school.  It has been exciting to watch how it grows and changes over the last few months. On Monday we were lucky enough to be able to and pick some corn to take home.  The plants were much taller than us. To know if they were ripe we looked for the plump corns with the black hair on top! 


Outdoor Learning

Today in our Outdoor Learning session we learnt about Evergreen and Deciduous trees.  

The Magic Toymaker's Workshop

The Magic Toymaker invited us into his workshop.  We had great fun exploring and playing with the toys he'd left us.

Counting in Twos

Miss Stopforth asked us to help her count in socks!  We counted in twos to work out how many there were.

Sorting Toys

The Magic Toymaker visited us again and brought us some old and new toys to sort.  We looked at the materials they were made of and this helped us sort them.  We enjoyed playing with toys that we had not played with before.


Counting Superstars! 

This week Year 1 did some impressive counting in ones and twos.  They used the Numicon to make a number line and labelled each piece with the correct numeral and number word.  Year 2 used equipment to investigate the value of each digit in 2 digit numbers.

Today Year 2 practised estimating and placing a numbers in the correct place on a number.


We're Going on a Bug Hunt! 

This week in Forest School we went to Tadnoll Heath.  We went on a bug hunt.  We used our bug pots and magnifying glasses so we could observe the insects carefully.  We investigated their habitats and learnt their names.

Dare To Believe Sports Festival

On Thursday some members of Year 2 were very excited to attend the 'Dare To Believe' sports festival at Purbeck School.  They joined with activities lead by the Purbeck Sport Leaders and had a wonderful time!


New Age Curling

While some children were at the Dare To Believe Festival, we were having sporting fun at school too.  The rest of Woodpeckers practised their curling skills and it was a close battle to be the curling champions!



Place Value Superstars!

The children in Year 2 investigated different ways to partition numbers.  They used the base ten apparatus really well to support them in their learning.


Year 1 Maths

  Year 1 explored different ways to make 10 using the part part whole method.  They recorded addition number sentences for each part part whole.  We talked about how addition can be done in any order and wrote the ‘switchers’.