We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday 5th June! INSET Day on Friday 23rd June! Sports Day is in the afternoon of Wednesday 5th July!
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Year 1 & 2 - Woodpeckers 2021 - 2022

Woodpeckers Class!

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Welcome to Woodpeckers!

We have had a great start to the year  in Woodpeckers.  The children have settled into their new class well and have been enthusiastic about their new topic 'The Magic Toymaker'.

The Magic Toymaker visited us and left us lots of junk modelling equipment.  He asked us to make some toys for his workshop.


Summer Reading Challenge

Well done to these children in Woodpeckers who completed the Summer Reading Challenge.  They enjoyed reading books from their local library and we are very proud of them. 

Outdoor Learning

We visited Wood Street for our first Outdoor Learning session.  We learnt the names of some of the trees.  We looked at the shapes of the leaves to help identify the trees.  We found some great trees to climb!

We're Going on a Corn Hunt!

On our Forest School walks, we have been watching the corn grow in the fields next to our school.  It has been exciting to watch how it grows and changes over the last few months. On Monday we were lucky enough to be able to and pick some corn to take home.  The plants were much taller than us. To know if they were ripe we looked for the plump corns with the black hair on top! 


Outdoor Learning

Today in our Outdoor Learning session we learnt about Evergreen and Deciduous trees.  

The Magic Toymaker's Workshop

The Magic Toymaker invited us into his workshop.  We had great fun exploring and playing with the toys he'd left us.

Counting in Twos

Miss Stopforth asked us to help her count in socks!  We counted in twos to work out how many there were.

Sorting Toys

The Magic Toymaker visited us again and brought us some old and new toys to sort.  We looked at the materials they were made of and this helped us sort them.  We enjoyed playing with toys that we had not played with before.


Counting Superstars! 

This week Year 1 did some impressive counting in ones and twos.  They used the Numicon to make a number line and labelled each piece with the correct numeral and number word.  Year 2 used equipment to investigate the value of each digit in 2 digit numbers.

Today Year 2 practised estimating and placing a numbers in the correct place on a number.


We're Going on a Bug Hunt! 

This week in Forest School we went to Tadnoll Heath.  We went on a bug hunt.  We used our bug pots and magnifying glasses so we could observe the insects carefully.  We investigated their habitats and learnt their names.

Dare To Believe Sports Festival

On Thursday some members of Year 2 were very excited to attend the 'Dare To Believe' sports festival at Purbeck School.  They joined with activities lead by the Purbeck Sport Leaders and had a wonderful time!


New Age Curling

While some children were at the Dare To Believe Festival, we were having sporting fun at school too.  The rest of Woodpeckers practised their curling skills and it was a close battle to be the curling champions!



Place Value Superstars!

The children in Year 2 investigated different ways to partition numbers.  They used the base ten apparatus really well to support them in their learning.


Year 1 Maths

  Year 1 explored different ways to make 10 using the part part whole method.  They recorded addition number sentences for each part part whole.  We talked about how addition can be done in any order and wrote the ‘switchers’.


Making Puppets

The week before half term Woodpeckers designed and made their own puppets.  They learnt lots of new skills like threading a needle and using running stitch.

Beautiful Fireworks!


Woodpeckers used the oil pastels to create some fantastic firework pictures.  They thought carefully about their colour choices and how they could show the shapes the fireworks made and the way they moved in the sky.  

Summer Reading Challenge

Well done to these Woodpeckers who completed the Summer Reading Challenge by reading books from their local library.  We are very proud of you all. 

Florence Nightingale

We are enjoying learning about Florence Nightingale.  We sequenced some of the things that had happened during Florence Nightingale's life on a timeline.

Jigsaw Jack

We welcomed a new friend into our class today to help us in our PSHE lessons.  We introduced ourselves to him during Circle Time.

Forest School

Today in our forest school session we visited Wood Street. We worked collaboratively to build free standing chairs for our small woodland animal toys.  We showed lots on resilience and didn't give up even though it was not easy!  We then enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit for all our hard work.


Big Bubbles!

We made some giant bubbles using a solution Miss West had mixed up, some canes and string.  We loved seeing how big we could make each bubble and chasing them around.  Some of them we bigger than us and our teachers!

Circle Time

In our circle time session this week we thought about what makes a good learner.  We talked about all the people and things that help us with our learning.  Jigsaw Jack joined us in the circle to listen to our great ideas.

Year 2 Division

We have been multiplying and dividing in our Maths lessons over the last few weeks.  We worked practically using cubes and jottings for sharing and we have also practised recalling multplication and division facts mentally.  We are getting great scores when we play 'Hit The Button'.

Outdoor Learning

We went to Lulworth Cove for our Outdoor Learning session this week.  We worked in teams to build a structure using the materials we could find on the beach.  We had to be resilient when things didn't work the first time and act as problem solvers to complete our finished structure.  We had great fun and also enjoyed a snack and a warm drink in the winter sun.

Nutley Farm Visit

Today we visited the reindeer at Nutley Farm.  We fed the reindeer and watched them running their field.  They could go really fast!  After we met the reindeer, we followed the Christmas trail and as we went round we counted the elves.  On the way round we saw some pigs having their breakfast!  We rounded off our morning with a hot chocolate and a ride in Santa's sleigh.

Learning about Shape

Year 1 and 2 have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  They made 2D shapes using the geoboards and 3D shapes using the polydrons.  The children learnt the names and investigated the properties of each.

Christmas Jumper Day

We had a fun day wearing our Christmas jumpers!

Winfrith Christmas Dinner

Robins and Woodpeckers had a fantastic Christmas dinner today.  They enjoyed their Christmas treats and listening to Christmas music while they ate!

Christmas Nativity

This year our Nativity was a bit different as we couldn't perform in the church.  However, we really enjoyed practising our songs and singing them for our friends and families to watch. 

A Visit From Santa!

Today we had an exciting visitor in Woodpeckers.  The children were very pleased to see Santa and and his elf and were quick to tell him how good they have been!

Spring Term

Woodpeckers have had a great start to the new year and have been very enthusiastic about the new class topic 'The Great fire of London'.


The Great Fire of London

This term our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'.  We have been having lots of fun in our 'Pudding Lane Bakery' role play area.

Naughty Bus

We have been using the story 'Naughty Bus' in Literacy lessons.  We wrote about the appearance of Naughty Bus and the naughty things he was doing on the front cover.  We made predictions about what might happen in the story.  We worked with a partner to create a story map about the Naughty Bus's adventures.


Forest School

We walked the Winfrith Village Trail and looked for signs of winter.  We noticed that the deciduous trees were bare and there was no fruit for the animals and birds to eat. 

Solving Problems

Our Maths topic is money and we have been using our Pudding Lane role play area to help us.  We have practised choosing the corrects coins to pay for the bread and cakes and also working out the change we need to give.

Outdoor Learning

We had a great morning in the sunshine at Lulworth Cove today.  We worked in teams to find and order 10 stones by length.  We then estimated the length and practised measuring using a ruler.  Finally we stacked our stones, this was tricky but we showed lots of resilience and our stone towers were a great success!

Special Delivery At The Bakery!

Woodpeckers have been working really hard to get all the class marbles in the jar for good behaviour.  On Friday they were excited that their marble jar was full and they had earned a treat.  On  Monday morning there was a special delivery at the Pudding Lane Bakery as a reward for all their good choices! 

Telling the Time

This week we are practising telling the time.  We have been using the clocks and playing lots of games to help us get confident.

Building Bridges at Tadnoll Heath

Today on Forest School we had a challenge!  We had to work in teams to build a bridge that would hold a bottle of water.  We used our problem solving skills and had to be resilient when our bridges collapsed! By the end of the session we all had a solid structure to balance the water on. 

Shrove Tuesday

Woodpeckers learnt about Lent in their RE lessons this week and enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday and the start of Lent by making pancakes.  They even made some for Miss Stopforth!  

The next day in their English lesson they also wrote instructions for how to make pancakes.  They worked hard and their instructions were clear and easy to follow.


World Book Day

We had great fun on Thursday celebrating World book Day.  As usual the costumes were amazing and there were lots of spells cast with 5 Harry Potters in Woodpeckers for the day!  

We enjoyed sharing the special books that our friends brought to school and Miss Stopforth even shared some her favourite books from when she was a child.

Godly Play

This week we were visited by Mr and Mrs Marsh who shared a story about Jesus and his disciples.  

Supporting the Ukraine

We coloured in flags and wrote messages for the children living in Ukraine.  Our flags and messages will be displayed in Winfrith Village Stores where the is a collection point for items to be sent to the Ukraine.


We love our Jigsaw lessons, especially when Jigsaw Jack and Jerrie the cat visit us.  This week we investigated some of our similarities and differences.  We worked with partner and found out things that are the same.  We found out some interesting things we have in common from 'We both have black cars', 'We both like bananas' to 'We both like My Little Ponies'.  We played some fun games and then worked collaboratively to complete a written task.

Science Week

Woodpeckers have been joining in with some fun Science Week experiments at home over the weekend with exciting results!


Palm Sunday

We made palm leaves and acted out the story of Palm Sunday.  We pretended we were the people of Jerusalem welcoming Jesus on his donkey.


Today we had fun investigating the different shapes and pictures we could make using a set of tangrams.

Goodbye Miss Nicolson!

Today we said thank you and goodbye to Miss Nicolson.  Miss Nicolson has supported us in our learning for a long time and we are really going to miss her!

Happy Easter

This week we have been learning about the Easter Story and why this is an important time for Christians.   We made Easter baskets and some of us even wore Easter bonnets in to school!

Dare To Believe Sports Festival

Today some children from Year 2 attended the 'Dare To Believe' sports festival at Purbeck School.  The children joined in a number of games led by the sports leaders and had a wonderful time. 



Summer Term

We had a fantastic trip to Pizza Express to start our Summer term.

We tasted different pizza toppings including mozzarella, red onion, tomato, olives and basil.  We talked about the ingredients used to make the pizza base and watched them being cooked.  We thought about the differences between the oven Thomas Farynor used and the ones we saw at Pizza Express.  We each made our own pizza for lunch and it was delicious!

Godly Play

Mrs Marsh visited us today and told us the story of 'The Lost Sheep'.  We enjoyed joining in with parts of the story and actions and we thought about forgiveness, one of our school values.


Year 1 Science

In Science this week we have been learning about living things and their habitats.  Year 1 sorted things that were living and not living and talked about how they knew where to put each picture.

Year 1 Capacity 

Year 1 have been investigating how much water containers hold and used some of the vocabulary they had learnt to talk about how much water was in each one.  They then worked practically to fill cups to match each label.

Forest School

Today we visited the woods to see the bluebells.  We talked about other plants, minibeasts and animals that live in woodland habitats.

Year 2 Maths

Year 2 have been using thermometers to read temperature.  We took the temperature in different places around the school and found out where the hottest and coldest parts of the school were.

Winfrith Bakery

 We had a fantastic day at Winfrith Bakery learning how to make bread.  We learnt about the different equipment and ingredients that are used and used our measuring skills to weigh out the ingredients we needed.  We watched the bread go in and out of the oven and even found out we could check if it was cooked by tapping the bottom! We then made our own rolls and iced some sweet buns.  Finally we packaged our bread and cake and learnt about the information that must be on the label.

Thank you to Andrew and Matt of Winfrith Bakery for an amazing day!