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Hello and welcome to our Friends. 

The Friends of Lulworth & Winfrith Primary School are a group of parents from the school who regularly meet to discuss best ways of raising extra funds for the school.
In the past Friends have organized events such as mufti days, Summer and Christmas Fayres, Discos and Easter Extravaganzas.
Money raised through Friends goes towards things like theatre trips, additional classroom/playground equipment, visiting guest speakers, keeping the swimming pool open and much, much more, all of which helps to make pupils’ time at Lulworth & Winfrith Primary School as fabulous as possible.

Who’s in Friends?
Anyone can be in Friends; Friends is open to all: Parents, Guardians, Carers, Grandparents....
Friends are a mixed bunch where everyone brings something different to the table and this generally works well.

When and where?
At the moment Friends meet regularly, usually during the evenings but occasionally during the school day. 
Just ‘registering your interest’ by using the form below is very helpful, so Friends know who to turn to when an extra pair of hands is needed – invaluable!

Finally, Friends aims to be friendly and supportive and, if nothing else, coming along to meetings assures you a hot cuppa and a chat, which we can all do with sometimes.

P.S Please feel free to bring babies and toddlers – every Friend counts!