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Home Learning

This pupil made some bread, looks fantastic!

Home Learning

These pupils have been enjoying a variety of home learning tasks!  This pupil is a super star reader and these books are going to keep him going for a while! It's great to see such an enthusiastic chef dressed for the job - I wish I'd been there to taste the finished cakes!  Impressive concentration working on a Maths task using equipment well to support problem solving.

Home Learning

Woodpeckers have been working hard this week with some amazing multiplication and reading.  On of our class has been going on 3 miles runs with his dad for his daily exercise - now that is impressive! There has also been some hard work going on in the kitchen.  Another one of our pupils was inspired by our work on the Fire Of London and has baked a delicious looking loaf - well done. 

Seed planting

A great Science experiment is underway to investigate which seeds with grow first.  Can't wait to find out what happens!

Home Learning

A great baking effort after being inspired by Thomas Farynor and his bakery on Pudding Lane!

Home Learning

This pupil has been working really hard on his home learning, enjoying being creative and getting very confident on his bike.  How fantastic to see Tim the tortoise helping with Science work too! 

Model of a 1666 House

We had an amazing special delivery at Winfrith last week!  One of Woodpeckers has been working very hard these last few weeks to create this fantastic model of a house from 1666 and it now has pride of place in our role play area.

Easter Fun

Woodpeckers have been creative again this week and I was really impressed with the 3D castle and Fire Of London collage these children have been working on.  The children have also been having fun outside on their daily exercise and even an overnight adventure in the family camper van!  

Easter Fun

Easter was a fun time and the chocolate went down very well too!  One or our pupils had a particularly exciting delivery with a letter and present from his pen friend and he wrote a lovely letter back sharing his news.

Home Learning

Alicja has been working very hard on her home learning this week.   I particularly like the message she discovered in her emoji code breaking task - definiely 'keep smiling'. I am really proud of her effort - well done Alicja!

'Well done on her guitar lessons.  We will look forward to a concert when we get back to school!'


'Working hard creating London in 1666.  The attention to detail was amazing - if you look carefully you will see Thomas Farynor's bakery and St Paul's Cathedral.  Well done!'

Doing Cosmic Yoga each day and working with his brothers to learn new things. Well done!  

Busy in her garden this week planting seeds and out on her scooter getting her daily exercise.  Well done!

Very excited to get his first wobbly tooth this week.  We can't wait to see his big smile with a gap in the near future!

Working hard to build their own Pudding Lane.  It looks amazing and what great teamwork!