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Home Learning

This pupil has learnt how to ride a bike without stabilisers, he is so happy!

He enjoyed a eurovision party and made a flag of his favourite country. He picked Turkey!

Home Learning

This pupil and his family spent lots of time outside last week, on their bikes and going around the block in their cars. 

They built a den which they ate their lunch in. He's had lots of fun building with his lego too. 

Home Learning

This pupil is working as hard as ever, completing his doubles independently, writing sentences to go with a picture,hunting for key words in his reading book as a word detective and creating a brilliant emoji. You should be very proud of your hard work.  

Home Learning

Enjoying his Easter surprise in his second learning pack and working hard at his learning each day. He is also trying so hard, when he is reading with his mum and dad. What a wonderful home learner!

Enjoying the Easter Holidays

Making his dinosaur land. 

This pupil made a volcano, with a dinosaur and a nest with dinosaur eggs. This is the start of his nest.

Home Learning

Doing Cosmic Yoga each day, learning how to form his letters and working with his brothers to learn new things. Well done! You are a learning super star.