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"Owls" Afterschool Club

We are delighted to announce that during the Autumn Term a new after school provision will be run by the school.


The new “Owls” after school provision will begin on Monday 16th September and will be based in the school hall on the Winfrith site. In the first instance, this facility will only be open to EYFS & KS1 children.


From responses and feedback we received from recent questionnaires we understand that there is increasing demand for wraparound care and are making every effort to improve this provision at the school and very much hope to be extending this service in the future.


At the Owls club the children will be provided with a drink and snack and a range of physical, learning and creative activities, in order to ensure that the children are positively engaged. The vast majority of responses from the surveys indicated that the Winfrith site was a more popular site to run the provision from and we are responding to that feedback.


After School Provision Information Pack


Below are several documents with further details around the timings, admissions and arrivals, costs and organisation of the Owls Club. Please find attached:


  • After School Provision Agreement
  • Registration Form
  • Booking Form
    After School Provision Important Information
    Start date:      Monday 16th September 2019
    Location:        Winfrith Site – School Hall
    Collection:     Via the Wooden Pedestrian Gate and the Black Gate
    Booking:        Bookings can be made through the school office, please enquire through the school office for further details
    In order for your child to attend Owls, the new after school provision, a Pupil Registration form and After School Provision Agreement will need to be completed and handed to the school office, together with a Booking form.
    If you have any further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.