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What's it like to be a Pupil at Lulworth & Winfrith Primary School?

KS2 Achievement Assembly

Forest School

Lunchtime Football Matches

This term, Tom from District Sports has organised competitive lunchtime football matches for our Key Stage 2 children. 

Year 5 and 6 football competition report written by Melissa and Alice (edited by Mrs Williams): 

The year 5 and 6 football match was a great success for everyone involved. The final score was 3:1 to team Ketchup. Goals for the Ketchup team were scored by Archie, Alfie and Henry. Many players tried to shoot against the amazing Ketchup goal keeper and failed. In the final few seconds, Oliver scored for team Mayonnaise; it was an amazing screamer into the top corner of the goal from the other end of the pitch. After the match every player congratulated each other and no one was a sore loser. 


Year 3 and 4 football competition report written by Elsie and Zariya (edited by Mrs Williams): 

“Very excitedly, the crowd is cheering for both teams. Team Santa goes for a goal and almost scores but Jay from team Elves springs up for a brilliant save!  Elves go for a score but it is saved by Santa’s goal keeper. So far it is neck and neck between both teams. Hurrah! Team Santa has scored! One nil to the Santas and the crowd is going wild! Game over, team Santa wins.” 


WOODPECKERS - Victorian Day 12/11/20

On Thursday Woodpeckers were very excited to come to school in costume and take part in Victorian  Day.  As part of their topics Homes Long Ago and Let's Celebrate they have been learning about Queen Victoria and life in a Victorian home.

The children started their day with some Victorian Drill exercises and they made their own thaumatropes.  Throughout the day they joined in with a variety of activities including:  washing, silver polishing, cleaning their shoes, making jellies (using glass jelly moulds), scrubbing the floors and mowing the lawn (using an authentic Victorian lawnmower!).  The children found out that life as a Victorian housemaid was hard work!

It was a fantastic day and really brought the Victorian topic alive for the children.

Harvest Festival October 2020

This year as we were unable to go to Church, we celebrated Harvest Festival at school.  The children were incredibly generous with the food gifts they brought and these were donated to our local food bank.  At both sites the children joined together to say thank you for the harvest.  They shared prayers they had written themselves and it was a joy to be able to sing together too!

Hockey Festival - February 2020

The children took part in a variety of activities working on three different skills- goal shooting, tackling and dribbling. This event was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


In Bindon class we have been learning to play brass instruments with Mr Randall from the Dorset Music Hub. We each have our own cornet, trumpet or trombone to play during the lessons and to take home to practice. We are developing our musical skills and knowledge of pitch, dynamics, rhythm and beat and enjoy being challenged each week to improve. We are all getting better at making a good sound on our instruments, both as individuals and collectively as a group. We would love to share our learning with you and invite you to attend our concert at 11:30 on 26th March 2020 in the school hall at the Lulworth site.  All family, friends and members of our community are very welcome to attend. 

Cross Country

Pupils from year 4, 5 and 6 took part in a cross country event at the Purbeck sports centre.

The course went around all different terrain and was 1 km long. Year 4 had to complete one lap, while year 5 and 6 had to complete 2! All our pupils completed the course, showing tremendous perseverance and determination. Well done team. 

Handball - Purbeck School

Some year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a handball event at Purbeck Sports Centre.

The games consisted of 10 rounds and seven minutes each way. The children showed Fellowship, collaboration and a great level of perseverance. Well done team.


Carols around the Christmas Tree

Indoor Athletics

Some year 5 and 6 pupils took part in an indoor athletics tournament at the Purbeck Sports Centre. All the children that represented our school showed great resilience, kindness and friendship to all teams competing. They really encouraged each other from the sidelines, their team spirit shone brightly.

Well done children.

Football Tournament

A group of nine boys, from year 5 and 6 took part in a 7 a-side football tournament at the Purbeck Sports Centre.

The games were one way and 6 minutes long, so it was fun and fast-paced.

 All the pupils took it in turns and nominated themselves in being subbed. This showed great fellowship and harmony, they cheered their team on, and when selecting their positions for each game they collectively took in to account everyone's strengths and skills.

There was great sportsmanship shown by our team with shaking the hands of the opposition after every match.

Tag Rugby

Some year 3/4 pupils took part in a tag rugby festival at the Purbeck sports center this week.

There were a mixture of activities, as well as a few small games of tag rugby. All the children showed great stamina and strength when taking part. They encouraged each other and showed real teamwork and integrity.

Forest Schools

Bindon class went blackberry picking during their Forest School lesson. We are going to make a blackberry cake! We found evidence of deer (a nibbled corn on the cob) and tested our geography knowledge by pointing towards different places and landmarks (Poole, Winfrith, Weymouth, School)

Dare to Believe - Multiskills

This week, pupils from the year 3 and 4 class took part in a multi-skills event at Purbeck sports centre. There were a variety of team games such as fireball and crocodile cones as well as football-based activities. The children showed great sportsmanship among themselves, as well as with the other local schools that took part. Every child showed their strengths and speed with their sporting skills.

Quoted by one of the pupils " I really enjoyed the crocodile cones game, it was fun and fast-paced."

Dance Day

On Dance Day, the whole school came together in the hall at Lulworth to perform their dance routines in front of an audience of friends, family and community. We all enjoyed celebrating the creativity and talent of everyone involved.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Year 3

The year 3 children took part in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra School's concert celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings  at the Lighthouse Theatre. Before the concert, we learnt the songs and body percussion motifs so that we could join in with the orchestra's performance. This was the first time, for many of the children, that they have heard a full orchestra play live. It was a fantastic experience that we will remember and treasure.

Forest Schools Year 3

This week on our Forest School walk, Year 3 applied their knowledge of map reading to track their progress up the hill towards Belhuish Coppice. Along the way we used identifying charts and books to find out the names of the wildflowers we were walking past. We identified foxglove, meadowsweet, water-plantain, sea-pea, red campion and great willowherb. We saw signs of deer and gained an understanding of coppicing. Our favourite part was jumping in the muddy puddles!

Chance to Shine Cricket 

The KS2 children were treated to a cricket coaching and competition session on Wednesday 22nd May, run by Mr Chambers from Chance to Shine. Under his expert guidance, each class developed their cricket skills and knowledge and took part in competitive matches. A pupil from Year 6, said, "I really enjoyed having our cricket coach yesterday. It was very entertaining and the coach made sure it was a fair game"

Tennis Competition

Some Year 3 pupils represented the school in the Dorset School Games Tennis Competition at the Purbeck School on Thursday 16th May. The four players made a superb team and throughout the match they demonstrated the Dorset School Games Values of Determination, Self Belief, Passion, Teamwork, Respect and Honesty. They came seventh out of nine teams but enjoyed every minute and should be very proud of themselves for representing the school in such a positive way.

Team GB Gymnast Visit

The school has been lucky enough to have a Team GB Gymnast visit the school to work with the children and deliver an inspirational           assembly.


On Wednesday 13th February, British Gymnastic Champion Kerry Simm performed back flips and somersaults and delivered an inspirational morning of activities for the  children who thoroughly enjoyed this special event.


The children got active with a gymnastic routine organised by Kerry and some of our own Year 6 gym enthusiasts got to show off their own skills to a professional gymnast!


KS2 - Musical Demonstration by Dorset Music Service

On Friday 10th January, Key Stage 2 children were treated to a Musical Demonstration from Dorset Music Service. The musicians played electric violin, trombone and percussion and involved the children in their music making. The children loved hearing popular songs and tunes that they recognised and could participate in. Everyone really enjoyed it and left the session feeling very inspired.

English Curriculum Day - 21st January 2019

There were 4 lesssons:


Drama - sustainability and plastic pollution (conscience alley, freeze frames).


Non-fiction - read 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish' by Michael Foreman and then wrote persuasive letters to mankind to persuade them to stop polluting the planet.


Fiction - we looked at the effect of plastics in the sea from the point of view of the wildlife it is affecting and then wrote a diary entry from the perspective of the sea creatures, with emotive language.


Christingle Making and Poetry - the children thought about the meaning of the Christingle and produced some thoughtful pieces which we read out at the Christingle assembly at the end of the day.


The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and displayed fellowship and harmony throughout the day.

Image Musical Theatre Company

On the 12th December, we were visited by the Image Musical theatre group who treated us to a fantastic performance of 'The Selfish Giant'. The actors came with a full set and props and entertained us all with this moving and uplifting tale. The children were fully involved in the production, helping to see the songs. Some children were even chosen to play parts in the play, which they did with great enthusiasm.


On Tuesday 4th December, we were treated to Badminton taster sessions from Community Badminton. During the day, Will Bedford ran sessions for all the children on both sites. We enjoyed practicing our skills using pom-poms and net hoops and challenging each other to beat our keepy uppy scores. Will coached everyone in hitting shuttlecocks over the net. Children were then told about further opportunities on Saturdays at Purbeck Sports Centre, Wareham. Please see for more details.

Rights Respecting Schools Curriculum Day - 26th November 2018

On Monday 26th November we joined together as a whole school for a Rights Respecting Schools Curriculum Day. The children worked in mixed aged groups and enjoyed some exciting activities. The day was rounded off with a cake sale where the children sold some of the Fairtrade goods they had baked during the day and over £40 was raised for the UNICEF Bake For Syria charity.

Athletic Competition - Year 5 & 6

On 22nd November, a squad of Year 5 & 6 children competed in the Indoor Athletic Competition at Purbeck School. The girls got us off to a fantastic start by winning their heat in the Obstacle Relay. Throughout the afternoon, all the children performed to the best of their ability and tried their best in every event. During spare moments between rounds, the children were sharing their knowledge, coaching each other and practicing new techniques for events such as long jump, vertical jump and triple jump.

We are so proud to announce that the school came third place our of six schools. A fantastic achievement for our pupils. Well done!

Tag Rugby Tournament - Year 5 & 6

We are very proud of our Year 5 & 6 Rugby team who represented the school at the Tag Rugby Tournament at the Swanage and Wareham Rugby Club on Thursday 8th November.


On arrival, we were asked to lend some of our members to create a sixth team of "Barbarians". Thank you to Seb, Kaleb and Sam for representing our school in this team. They showed tremendous sportsmanship in their collaboration with children from other schools and scored a number of tries for the Barbarians.


The Lulworth and Winfrith team secured third place overall by winning 3 out of their 6 games. They showed great determination, team work and perseverance throughout the tournament.


A huge thank you to the team's coach - Mr Trent who has volunteered to train and coach the team during lunchtimes and at the tournament. The children have all benefitted hugely from his advice, knowledge and coaching.

Remembrance Service

On 11th November lots of children represented the school at the Remembrance day services in winfrith and Lulworth. Pupils were chosen to lay a wreath made my the pupils to pay our respects to those from our villages who have fallen.

For Remembrance day we all painted a Poppy Pebble and we placed them in our school grounds to remember the soldiers who have sacrificed themselves to keep us safe. We sang our remembrance song and held a 2 minutes silence.



Beat the Street School Event


During the afternoon of Tuesday 6th November, Key Stage 2 children took part in a Beat the Street event organised specially for our school.

With blue skies and brilliant sunshine, we walked from the school to the top of Bindon Hill. We were treated to glorious views of the sea and the village. Children and staff collected points for the school by tapping their key fobs on temporarily positioned Beat the Street boxes along the route. We found the way down much easier and were happy to return together, refreshed, invigorated and appreciative of the beautiful area that our school is in.


Harvest Festival 2018

On Monday 16th July, children at Lulworth and Winfrith Primary School joined together on the Lulworth site for an Art, DT and Music Curriculum Day.


Children designed, made, decorated and played their musical instruments using recycled materials. Once again, the children demonstrated our core values of Harmony, Fellowship and Belief as they helped, supported and encouraged each other in mixed year group collaborations.

Art, DT and Music Curriculum Day

We were blessed with fantastic weather for the annual school sports day. The school field was full of bright flags and awnings providing a festival like atmosphere to the event.

The children took part in a round robin of different activities and competed in teams named after the Olympic and Paralympic values. After that there was a round of obstacle and sprint races for all classes. children relished the challenge with some the races being extremely close.


Sports Day 2018

World Book day 2018

World Book Day 2018


Due to the snow we had to delay the World Book Day events until 8th March when the children had fun dressing up as their favourite book character.

All children were invited to bring in a book they had read for a 'book swap'. this was a great opportunity to try something new to read.

On the Infant Site the children listened to stories read by Miss Warren, Miss Stopforth & Mrs Elsdon. The Juniors enjoyed Miss Neaves' story of 'Matilda'...she really got into character!!

Back in class the children had fun creating their own book characters, using their artistic skills and imaginations. There was also the opportunity to design their own World Book day tokens for the 2018 World Book Day competition.


KS2 Singing Workshop


On the 26th March 2018, the KS2 children enjoyed an afternoon Part - Singing Workshop with Liz Radford. Liz taught us to sing Count On Me by Bruno Mars, splitting the children onto 3 groups to sing 3 different parts. During the song, some of us sang at different times to each other as an echo, some of us sang different words and some of us even learnt different harmonies at a different pitch to the tune. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are very proud of our recording of the song.