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Collective Worship

Collective Worship


As a school an important part of our week is the time when we come together for Collective Worship.  During these times we celebrate our Christian ethos, think about our school values and share in the children’s amazing achievements.


While we are off school each week we will post a link to a story that links to one of our Christian learning values.


Enjoy sharing this story with your child and discussing with them it’s message.  I’m sure the children will have some fantastic thoughts and ideas to share.  If they wish to share a photo linked to this value or write a prayer please send to the office or class email and we will post some of these online.


Thank you


This week the focus for our collective worship is kindness.

 At the moment it is particularly important we think of our value kindness as we spend time at home with our families. 

I know lots of you enjoy books by the author Julia Donaldson and I particularly love this story.


The giant in the story was quick to think of others and give up what he had to help them – he was very kind.  By thinking of our actions and being kind we can bring happiness to the people around us.


Enjoy the story


Miss Stopforth

27th April 2020

This week the focus for our Collective Worship is Courage.


Courage is one of our school values and in our RE lessons, during Collective Worship and on our Curriculum Days the children have reflected on times they have been courageous.  I have really enjoyed hearing their thoughts and sharing in their experiences.  Our pupils are always willing to try new things and take on new challenges and they do this with courage!   At the moment this value is particularly relevant as we get used to living in a different way.  We might be finding some things different or more difficult and we can remember our value courage as we learn to adjust. 


This week I have chosen the story ‘The Lion Inside’ by Rachel Bright and Jim Field.




4th May 2020

This week the theme for our Collective Worship is resilience. 


Sometimes things can be challenging and we don’t always achieve what we want the first time.  However, the most important thing is that we try our best and learn along the way.  All of our children are resilient and we see this everyday in the way they approach school life.  Children at Lulworth and Winfrith Primary School always try their best and they never give up!


This week I have chosen the story of the Hare and The Tortoise.  We read and talked about this story on one of our recent Curriculum Days and the children shared their fantastic experiences of when they had shown resilience in their own lives.