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Dates of Worship - December 2018

The Nativity

A special thank you to the Teachers on the Infant Site (Winfrith) who directed the production of ‘The Nativity’ and to the remainder of the KS1 team who have helped with costumes and music production. The whole team has put a lot of effort in which, I am sure you will agree, produced a wonderful nativity for us all to enjoy.

A special thank you goes to St Christopher’s Church for kindly allowing us to use the Church for our rehearsals and performances.

I would also like to thank the parents for finding the time to support our show and for helping the children to learn their song words and lines.



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'Thy Kingdom Come'

The Archbishop of Canterbury wrote to schools to invite them to participate in the 'Thy Kingdom Come' movement.
It invites Christians of all denominations across the world to pray together for the renewal of the Church.
Children at Lulworth site said the Lord's Prayer on Ascension Day, 25th May 2017 at 2.30.
The children joined in beautifully and held the silence in solemn respect as always


Easter Service at St Christopher's
It was a glorious spring day and the whole school walked to St Christopher's for the Easter Service.
Attendance at Church was swelled by the presence of family, friends and local parishioners.
The Open The Book team got into character to tell the story of Palm Sunday.
All the children were given a palm cross by Rev Robert Marsden to symbolise this occasion.
In the lead up to the service the children had been practicing two songs which were sung beautifully during the service.
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Harvest Festival - October 2016
The school celebrated Harvest Festival on 20th October at Holy Trinity Church, West Lulworth.
Each class came to the front of the church to perform a poem or sing a harvest song. As usual the children in the Reception class stole the show and brought huge smiles to each of our faces. It was lovely to see so many parents in the church joining the children for this event.
We would like to say thank you to all the parents that were so generous this year donating food items for the Dorchester Food Bank. Several parents came to school with full carrier bags of items for this worthy cause. We know how much your generosity will be appreciated by the many families nearby who are facing hardship.
The Junior children wrote a Harvest remix to the lyrics of Bon Jovi's 'Living on a Prayer'. Everyone enjoyed their performance, with many requests for the lyrics!



School Mosaic
To demonstrate our Christian Values in our new site at Lulworth, we decided to make a mosaic cross.
Poppies Art Studio (who have made beautiful mosaics with us before) came along and turned our idea into a full blown design. Every single pupil and member of staff on the Lulworth site added something to the Mosaic and the finished cross is beautiful.
It now takes pride of place in our hall along with a passage from the prayer given to us by
The Bishop of Sherborne at our official opening.
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Lions’ Club Swim for Charity - Sunday 9th October 2016

Well done to the following children who represented the school brilliantly in the Swimarathon.
There was fierce competition between the teams of 5 girls and 5 boys as to
which team could swim the furthest.
In the end both teams were able to complete a total of 49 laps of 50 metres.
Such was the quality and stamina shown by the children that a member of the public
standing in the gallery was convinced they were from a swimming club!




Children walk to Chaldon  for Ride and Stride Charity.

All children participated in a sponsored Ride and Stride walk on 16th September to raise money for the maintenance and repair of Dorset’s historic churches, as well as raising much needed funds for our local churches. The juniors walked from Daggers Gate to Chaldon and the infants joined the juniors closer to Chaldon to complete the walk to St Nicholas Church.

For some children this walk was a huge personal achievement. On arrival at the church the children were welcomed and thanked by Mr Jeremy Selfe. He explained to the children that St Nicholas Church is 600 years old and our beautiful local churches need funds to keep them in good repair.

Once inside the church, volunteers welcomed the children with refreshments. Prayers were then said before the children were collected by their parents.

An event such as this needs a lot of organising. As the children walked through Chaldon, farmers stopped in their work and the local traffic was managed so that the children could walk safely to the church. The school would like to thank all the volunteers that helped and also the parents for collecting the children at the end of the service; it was a lovely day.

We raised £154 for this charity, well done everyone


Labyrinth Prayer Day - 19th May 2016

Finding the Stillness Within Us…

All of the pupils and staff had a wonderful day on Thursday 19th May when we were visited by
Nickie and Reverend Nigel who brought a Labyrinth to school.
The children had an assembly first to explain that Labyrinths are a type of maze but
with only one way in and out so walking a labyrinth is a peaceful and spiritual experience rather than a puzzle.
They were shown the different types of labyrinth found all over the world, some dating back to ancient times.

During the day all of the children got to walk the labyrinth and try hand held labyrinths so that they
could be quiet and peaceful and feel the stillness within them. 
 The centre of the labyrinth is a place where you can sit and have time with your own thoughts.
It gives an opportunity to pray or meditate and listen to your inner voice.
It was amazing how quietly and slowly all of the children (yes, even the Robins!)
walked the labyrinth and had their quiet thinking time in the centre.
It was a wonderful, spiritual experience and a great break from the usual hustle and bustle of school!
The last word should be given to the children:

I had a very peaceful and calming labyrinth walk and I enjoyed the peace and quiet of it. It was a great experience and it really calmed me down and in the middle I meditated and prayed to God. I wish I could do it every day to calm me down (that would be nice). And the thing I enjoyed the most was coming back again very peacefully and slowly.
   From Issy 

Yesterday the whole school walked the incredibly peaceful labyrinth. The labyrinth is a sort of maze but you can’t get lost there’s only one path and it is much more calmer. They taught us to keep our eyes on the path and to put one foot in front of the other. The labyrinth was calming and soothing it helped me to see that every problem can be solved eventually. Then we got to the middle you could pray or meditate and I don’t think I have ever heard my class so quiet. 

Labyrinths are paths that wind in and out of your feeling until you get to the middle where it balances them
out and make you feel peaceful.

  The whole experience was wonderful and all of the children asked if we could get a Labyrinth in school permanently!
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When they returned to school the Year 2 children discussed what the experience of walking the Labyrinth
was like and how it had made them feel.
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Planting for the future 
Year 5 were asked by Trees for Dorset to help plant new trees on the Winfrith field.
The pupils did everything from digging their own hole, to planting their tree, to protecting it with a plastic sleeve.
A prayer was offered up for each tree to help it grow well.
The children are excited to watch them grow!
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There is always more you can do....

In RE the children listened to the Sikh story of Guru Nanak and the Jasmine flower.
Guru Nanak believed that everyone was equal whether they were rich or poor, simple or complicated.
The holy men of the city were scared as they weren’t being as good as they knew they should be but were being greedy and unkind.
They sent a messenger with a full bowl of milk to show that there was no space in the city.
Guru Nanak listened to the messenger and then placed a jasmine flower in the bowl of milk and no milk spilled out.
Guru Nanak explained that there was always room in the world for goodness.

After the story the pupils made their own Jasmine flower to place in a bowl of milk to remind them that there is always room for more goodness and kindness in the world.
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Easter Service 2016
All the children enjoyed the Easter Service at St Christopher’s Church which was taken by the 'Open the Book Team' of volunteers.
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The ‘Open the Book’ team led our Easter service with the help of some willing
pupil volunteers this year with a moving performance of Jesus’ death and resurrection in St Christopher’s church.
You could have heard a pin drop when Jesus uttered his last words.
This was a unique and unforgettable moment for our pupils and really brought the bible to life.
The pupils, as always, raised the roof of the church with their enthusiastic
singing of favourite Easter hymns ‘Hosanna’ and ‘He is Risen’

It was a fitting end to the term, reminding the children of the true reason that we celebrate Easter.
If anyone would ever like to join us on a Wednesday to see more of what the Open the Book Team
do then contact the school and you would be most welcome to join us from 1030-1045.


Bluebell Walk 

Every Year Trees for Dorset take a group of children on a Bluebell walk in Marley Woods.
 This is a private woodland so the children get to see nature in all its unspoilt glory.
The gasps of wonder as the children look upon an endless carpet of beautiful bluebells
 reminds us all that sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the most uplifting 
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At the end of their outdoor learning session searching for signs of spring these
Y5 boys felt compelled to say farewell to the trees as we left!
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Christmas Prayers
Every year for advent we bring out our Christmas prayer tree.
Pupils and staff are able to pick a star and place it on the tree and say a silent prayer.
During the busy time of Christmas concerts, nativities, parties and celebrations
it helps us to remember the true meaning of Christmas
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Road Safety Week - 23rd - 27th November 2015

The children of Year 2 received a visit from our local PCSO’s to discuss the importance of road safety.
This is especially important to children in our villages due to the lack of suitable pavements and narrow roads.
The children were exceptionally engaged with the visit and the response from parents was very positive.
After the class the talk a group of children went out into School Lane and monitored the traffic. They had made a selection of posters advising motorists to keep to the speed limit, to wear a seatbelt and to be aware of children walking in the road.
The most exciting part of the visit was using the speed gun…we didn’t catch any adults speeding …Yet!
Thank you to PSCO Morton and PCSO Welsh for their support with an issue which concerns many people in our school.

Armistice Day 2015

With our strong links to the army community Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day are always important days in our Calendar. KS1 walked to St. Christopher’s Church to observe the 2 minutes silence with the community. Planting their hand made poppy crosses in the grounds of the church.

KS2 held their 2 minutes silence at Lulworth – our last on our ‘old’ site.
The children were joined by the ‘Open the Book’ team who were amazed at the children’s reverence
and solemnity as they observed the silence, offered their prayers and planted their crosses.
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Ride & Stride in aid of Dorset Historic Churches Trust
On Friday 25th September Lulworth & Winfrith Primary School set off on a sponsored walk to raise funds for 
Dorset Historic Churches Trust.
The Juniors set off from Dagger's gate in West Lulworth, walking through the valley below Winfrith Hill to Chaldon Herring. 
Here they met with the Infants and together they walked through the village to the 15th Century Church if St Nicholas. 
Once there a short service of thanks was led by Rev Bob Naylor.
All 109 children took part in this event accompanied by teachers, parents, and members of the church community.
The school raised over £170 for the charity which will helps towards the costs of repairing historic churches in Dorset.
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Easter Service at St Christopher's Church in Winfrith
The 'Open the Book' team were asked by Mrs Buckland to lead the end of term church service for the Spring Term. 
As is tradition with the Open the Book team we were not expecting anything ordinary.
The team decided to act out the Palm Sunday story and two special visitors came along to support the story telling. 
Their names were Terry and Wellington; two donkeys who are currently living with their 'foster parents' Hettie and Bob Knight in East Knighton.
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All went really well and Terry and Wellington behaved impeccably and walked up and down the 
church path with children, parents and staff  lining their route. 
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While the service was going on inside the donkeys were taken for a walk along Winfrith High Street. 
 They went to the local shop and people appeared to make a fuss of them and more photographs were taken.  
On returning to the church more photos were taken with some children and the Open the Book team. 



Terry and Wellington then made a surprise visit to Marley House Nursing Home to meet some of the residents there. 
Our thanks for all their help and support go to Hettie and Bob Knight. 
 It made the service very special and I am sure that the children will remember this Palm Sunday story for a very long time.
Open the Book Team
The children on the Lulworth Site have weekly visits from the 'Open the Book' team. This groups of dedicated volunteers deliver passages from the bible in a fun and interactive way.
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Holy Trinity Christingle Service - Sunday 14th December 
There will be a Christingle Service on Sunday 14th December at 4pm.
It will be held on the Glebe Field adjacent to Holy Trinity Church in West Lulworth.
Rev. Nicola and the team look forward to welcoming you and your family.

Remembrance Day 2014

Our school has a lot of army families so marking the sacrifice of soldiers past and present is very important to us.
Each Remembrance Sunday children lay wreaths that they have made in school at our 2 village churches; St Christopher's in Winfrith and Holy trinity in Lulworth. This year, as it was 100 years since the First world War started, the children also made a myriad of poppies to decorate both churches for the Remembrance Service. The older children made poppy sculptures with wire and tissue, felt poppy garlands and poppy collages whilst the infants made paper plate poppies and poppy pictures. Both churches looked lovely.

On Armistice day the children always mark the event by observing the 2 minutes silence and by planting a hand made poppy cross as a token of our thanks. The younger children walked to St Christopher's Church to take part in an Armistice service and observe the silence which they did with appropriate solemnity.

After the Service the KS2 'Show Club' group walked to Marley House Nursing Home to entertain the residents with songs from the wars. The children sang classics such as 'We'll Meet Again' and 'It's a Long Way to Tipperary' and it was lovely to see the residents singing along.
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Harvest Festival - 17th October 2014
On Friday 17th October the whole school delivered a special Harvest Festival service at St Christopher's Church, Winfrith.
The whole school sang 2 special songs for the service, as well as each class performing something they had been practicing in class.
Reception sang 'Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow'
Year 1 recited an acrostic poem based on 'Harvest'
Year 2 displayed their paintings of fruit and vegetables in the style of famous French artist Cezanne,
Year 3 performed a 'Fruit & Vegetable Rap',
Year 4 sang 'Harvest for the World?'
and Year 5/6 recited a prayer inspired by fruit & vegetables.
The church was full to the rafters with parents and carers joining us for this celebration.
Harvest gifts were left to be added to the Churches contributions for the Dorset Food Bank
During the service the school presented a gift to Mrs Janet Hall to thank her for her support with Open the Book. She will be missed by the children.
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