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School Development Plan

School Development Plan Summary 2017-18


Key Priorities:


  1. To further improve standards of mathematics across the school

  2. To improve the quality of children’s writing across the school and across the curriculum

  3. To challenge more able learners and ensure that an increased rate of progress across key stage 2 is secured for this group

  4. To continue to develop links with the church and action development points from the SIAMS inspection

  5. To improve the quality and impact of middle leadership

  6. To close the gap between girls and boys performance in writing and mathematics

  7. To ensure SEND provision continues to be of a high quality for all pupils, including the progress and achievement of disadvantaged children


Previous Inspection – Key Issues

Previous Ofsted inspection identified these development areas:


The level of achievement and progress of more able learners

To ensure writing was developed across the curriculum

To strengthen middle leadership and its impact on standards

To ensure Governors evaluate teaching and learning more effectively

To increase problem solving opportunities in mathematics


Progress on Key Issues

In order to improve standards and make progress on these key issues, the school has:

  • Delivered CPD and INSET on developing writing;

  • Ensured that more able learners are a key group in the school and that those at risk of not making expected progress receive additional support;

  • Introduced focused group sessions for more able learners – STEM;

  • Introduced a more consistent and rigorous approach to subject leadership and trained leaders;

  • Ensured that middle leaders report regularly to Governors and that Governors challenge leaders on key issues.