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Class of 2018/2019

Trees for Dorset Day

On 1st November 2018, Pete, Rachel, Trevor and Margaret from Trees for Dorset spent the day with the Year 3 children. The day began with a walk where the children collected as many different leaves from the trees as they could find. We learnt the names of many of the trees growing close to the school and how to identify them from their leaves. We also learnt the difference between leaves and leaflets; information that would prove to be vital during our afternoon classification activity. At the end of the day we assembled a scientific experiment to find out which leaves earthworms like the best and we will be recording our results and forming our conclusions over the next few weeks.

Chance to Shine Cricket Coaching

During Monday’s session with the cricket coach Rob, from Chance to Shine, the Key Stage 2 children enjoyed dressing in full cricket gear. They enjoyed looking the part and have been developing their cricketing skills and knowledge of the game over this half term.

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Multiskills Festival at Purbeck School on 27th September 2018.


The year 3 children loved trying out new sports, games and activities at the Year 3 & 4 Multiskills Festival at Purbeck School on 27th September 2018. The children competed against each other in a game of handball and tried volleyball for the first time with huge beach balls. They all enjoyed having a go at curling using specially designed curling stones that roll on the floor instead of sliding on ice. Finally all the children encouraged each other to improve their fitness in a multiskills activity circuit.